Url being replaced

When I try to visit a specific website the url gets replaced, and I get sent to a different website with a 404 error.

When I try to access the website the url gets replaced with 0.esis.dk

I have tried using different shield extensions, and turning browser extensions off, however, the issue still persists.

The site works perfectly fine on google chrome.

I am currently using version 1.49.128 of Brave

@RBP what website are you trying to visit? And this issue only happens for the one particular website or does it happen to others?

I am trying to visit a website I am making for a school project (which is definitely not cybersecure yet, so I would rather not mention the url publicly). I have not noticed this happening anywhere else.

That sounds that you are the owner, and have access to server files.
If in your .htaccess there is no rule for redirect, or in your file that you visit on browser, is 100% impossible that a redirect happens.

I am not using a .htaccess file, however the url should not be redirecting me (and it doesn’t in google chrome).

I am also able to visit the site without any issues when it is served locally, but not when it is deployed to the server.

If is happening only in Brave, then i wonder which server you are using to host your site,
maybe there are some configurations, or maybe is something in your code within the page that is redirected…
That s a weird behaviour which you have described, and i am just curios myself.

The website was build using SvelteKit, and the server does not contain any files that haven’t been generated by SvelteKit. I haven’t coded any automatic redirect into the site.

According to whois database, this infos are retrieved from the domain name redirected (esis.dk)

Name: Syddansk Erhvervsskole Odense-Vejle
Address: Munkebjergvej 1**
Postalcode: 5**0
City: Odense M
Country: DK
Phone: +457010****
IT assistance team(that i suppose is related in some way with your host)

and the 0 in front of the domain it supposed to be a subdomain(that actually doesn t exists, that why the 404 error.).

*For sure there is mistyped configuration, free plan, or development code issue. *

Brave for sure won t advertise in this “abussive” way.

This seems to information about my school (who is responsible for providing a server for my school project), so it definitely isn’t just a random domain.

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I found the issue. Turns out I accidently switched to characters in the url.

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