URL Autcomplete Prioritization



In addition to other URL autocomplete issues which have been covered in previous posts (not autocompleting just the hostname, autocomplete entries sticking around after being deleted from history, and gmail not autocompelting), URL autocompletion seems to have no prioritization.

I would expect my most visited sites to pop up first as URL suggestions, but instead it seems to be alphabetical. For example, when I start to type “mail.google.com” the first suggestion is always mailchimp. Does the browser keep track of the number of times a site has been visited in History?

If so, prioritization based on the total number of visits might improve functionality, or maybe prioritization based on the number of visits in a windowed timeframe, e.g. number of visits in the past month.

I am running the most recent version of the browser on both MacOS and Windows 7, synced to each other.