URL Address bar will permanently disappeared after deletion


After deleting URL in address bar it will permanently disappeared. So you will lose the URL if you accidentally delete it.

In Chrome, the URL will resume when you open a new tab and focus back to the previous tab.


Hi @rparser,

I’m sorry for late reply. Is the STR like this:
Put a focus in URL bar and address is highlighted > then hit delete on keyboard, address removed > open new tab and open the previous tab > address still removed?

Also did you mind to update to latest version and see if this still happen?


Yes @eljuno . That the STR.
Users will lose their URL after an accidentally deletion or mortification. You could find both Chrome and Edge don’t have this issue.


Thanks for confirmation @rparser.

What I noticed as workaround is you can put the focus on URL bar then hit Esc on your keyboard. It’ll bring back the URL.

Hope that can help for now. I’ll notify the team and look for similar report.


@eljuno Your solution works. But I still hope Brave can behave like common browsers. No all users know this “Esc” shortcut. Thank you!


Thanks for confirming @rparser. And I already forward this report, too :slight_smile: