Uploaded Brave and Want to Get Rid of It

You can’t transfer your bookmarks from Safari and I’ve got a bunch. Too many to visit and remark. It also left an Icon on my desktop that I can’t remove. Although I’ve deleted the App whenever I click on a link in email Brave opens. I’m using Brave to search on Safari and I like it, but how do I get rid of those damn links and make Mail go back to opening links in Safari?

Why do you say this? You’d just go to Safari, click on File, and then Export Bookmarks into HTML. Then you go to Brave, go to Bookmarks > Import…then choose HTML and select the file you saved…all your Bookmarks will then be on Brave. If you’re on Desktop, link to Import is brave://settings/importData

Not sure what operating system you’re using, but you generally have the ability to change the default program that opens up when you click on links. Therefore you’d just go to where your OS has those settings and would modify it. Again, not knowing the OS and/or programs you’re using, I can’t be much help.

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