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Hello everyone. I have a question. Below is a pic of my Brave browser. It says 150.250 BAT. How can I get access to it? I do live in NY State, could that be the reason why I dont have access to it?


It shows that you uphold wallet is disconnected which means it was connected before but due to some reasons it got disconnected. Just reconnect your wallet and the 150 BAT will be deposited instantly.

Sorry posted the wrong img. This is the right img. I click on Verify Wallet and nothing happens. I click on Add Funds, nothing. I also click on withdraw…zero, nothing happens.

Type this in your browser chrome://rewards-internals & check event log if it shows device limit reached this may be due to that if not let me know

negative, device limit reach does not appear.

If the limited range of devices appears to me, what should I do?

If the limit range of device appear. You cannot use your uphold account for another brave browser to claim reward.
And you cannot disconnect it… If you lost/broke your device, your uphold account can no longer claim any reward from brave browser.
uphold is the worst… :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:

Anyone else might have an idea on what is going on?
I did go to chrome://rewards-internals and there is no mention of device limited reached.
-When I click Verity Wallet, nothing happens
-When I click on Add Funds, nothing happens
-When I click on Withdrawn funds, nothing happens
-I click on Crypto Wallets tab, I see ETH wallet ONLY, no Brave wallet.

-There is no other profile/user on the Brave browser.

If anyone can help…please.


Is there anyone that can help?

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