Uphold wont give me my bat

tl:dr cant transfer my bat from uphold to private wallet. worried about upholds personal information record. forced to use uphold with brave browser.

uphold is holding my bat hostage. once I linked and verified my browser(by sending my drivers license), I can no longer tip the YouTube content creators that I enjoy and I cant transfer the bat coin to another wallet from inside uphold. Every time I try to transfer from uphold it says I have to setup 2fa, so I say okay. it send a 2fa email I follow the email. then it says i need to use my phone to scan a QR code. the qr code never works. I’ve tried through camera like i usually use. it didn’t work so i tried google lens which is the official QR reader for android. why i need to give you my phone information on top of my drivers license on top of my phone number is beyond me. Also they seem to charge gas rate for transferring bat based off of a percent which makes no sense as well. they seem to want about 40% of my bat to transfer. I tested by sending 25 bat and then trying to send 50 bat. anyway I’m highly considering uninstalling after the recent events with ripple because I know wallets act like exchanges that sell toxic assets such XRP are liabilities and they’re probably going to sell everybody’s kyc information when they eventually get sued by SEC. This is currently happening to coinbase.