Uphold: "We can't continue to offer you an account"

I’m in a Admitted country, Argentina, And uphold didn’t let me create an account and are non responsive to the emails that I sent to support, first time creating an account, no reason giving, idk what to do to start earning BAT

Short answer is that you can’t.

If it says they can’t continue to offer you an account, it means they see you as high risk. It could be because of your country or something, but otherwise just means they think you provided false information, have bad financial history, or they think you’re scammer.

Again, it could just be their risk assessment based on your area. But otherwise it’s because there’s an issue with you, your finances, or whatever.

And no, they won’t be specific or answer you. They just give simple answers which is that they can’t/won’t offer you an account at this time. I think they usually include a link that gives examples of reasons why

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