Uphold Wallet! Payment not received

Problem Description: The
Brave informed that all payments of BAT’S from the Uphold wallet have already been paid but my amount of 1,280 BAT’S referring to the period from: (January 7th to February 7th), did not fall. (In a note Brave reported: Brave Ads Payout status:
Verified Uphold wallets: Payments Complete).

Steps to play:

  1. Start Brave
  2. Open the Website: https://community.brave.com/
  3. Check the Payment Status for the Period mentioned above.
  4. Check that I am not receiving any Brave Rewards donations even though my Uphold Wallet is verified.
  5. Check that my account is not illegal (No VPN usage, or any earnings modification software).

Actual result!
Attached are the Prints of Proof of Non-Payment:

Expected outcome:
I should receive donations to my Brave Rewards and Brave ADS payments direct to my Verified Uphold Wallet (As I received from Dec 7, 2021 to Jan 7, 2022).

How often does it play:
First Payment Error regarding ADS but regarding donations on (Brave Rewards Happen Often).

Brave Version (See About Brave page in main menu): Version of Brave
Brave - Version 1.35.101 Chromium: 98.0.4758.87 (Official version) 64-bit.

Reproducible in current version?

  • Yea.

Additional Information:
I’m using: [OS]: linux/ [OS Version]: ubuntu 21.10

Is your browser wallet currently verified?

  • Yea.

On what date did you verify your wallet?
On: December 26, 2021.

Have you been able to receive payments in the past?

  • Yea.

Are you using a VPN?

  • No.

Are you in a supported region? (https://brave.com/transparency), list of supported regions.

  • Yes (Brazil (28)).

You manually turned off Auto Contribution on all your
devices linked to Uphold?

  • No.

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