UPhold Wallet Not Verifying and Now Money is Stuck

Uphold has been “verifying my account” for over 2 months. None of their live chat ppl say they can help, and they tell me to keep waiting. had to deposit money to get started for Brave Rewards to deposit.

Now I can’t get my rewards AND I cant withdraw my money.

Brave NEEDS to step in or the whole reason for the browser becomes useless.

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I don’t understand why you “had” to pay for that…

When I signed up, it mentioned that to verify the wallet, I had to put in a nominal amount. I added $50. It’s just absurd. Are we locked into using UpHold for Brave deposits?? If so, they need to get on Uphold’s butt…not being able to get rewards for ads or content creation is kind of the opposite of the whole project’s purpose.

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I was not required to put any amount to verify my wallet…

you should report your issue to steeven from the brave team

Uphold has closed my account without reason, and said they will never re-open an account for me.
I think using this shame service is really sad… no way to use something else than this Uphold service in my country.
So it’s impossible to do something with BAT… 0% useful.

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I would like to know if there is another way to withdraw the BAT from brave other than Through uphold?, this platform blocked my account because I live in Venezuela.

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At the moment is the only choice for us, (I think the content creators could use gemini too)

There is lot of bad publicity about Uphold, at this time you can find a lot of youtube video that really don’t recomend this Uphold app. I think lot of people risk to leave BAT crypto because Uphold have these bad publicity. Even more that we can’t choose an other wallet at this moment. Thank you about gemeni, seems they have good feedback !

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