Uphold wallet not sync and not referall code available

Hi, I´ve create a Brave rewards account, and sync the uphold wallet to have my referral code available to share with friends.

I already connect my youtube channel but it seems that I cant connect the uphold wallet property and I can have the referral link available yet.

Apologies but I’m not entirely sure I understand the problem you’re having. Can you please try and elaborate?

thanks, I create the brave rewards account and already connected with my verified uphold account to have my referral links to share.

But its not working at all.

What is not working?

The connection to the uphold wallet, and the referral link is now showing up. I already connected my youtube channel and nothing is working

Here is the screenshoot

If you are wanting to enroll in the referral program, simply click the Connect to Uphold (or Gemini) option there and follow the instructions provided.

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