Uphold wallet is red flag


the mandatory use of the Uphold wallet is a serious red flag for further adoption of Brave. In my opinion it’s unbelievable that I cannot use my own wallet. Uphold is such a rent seeking TTP that need to be stopped. I rather like to use my own bank instead of Uphold. This is not decentralized way of working.

The use of users own wallet for publishers should be a top priority in my opinion. It should be a great step towards further decentralization.

Hope it will be picked up quickly.


Hi @Herman_N,
Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, for now Brave Publishers need an Uphold account to receive the contribution. But Brave also explore other method for that.

Like partnership with Civic for KYC process so you can use your own address. https://brave.com/brave-civic-partnership/ :wink:



Ok, that’s great. I’m glad that it was recognized to be a serious issue. Nice to see that Civic is on board, hopefully it will be ready to use soon. Thanks for the answer @eljuno :slight_smile:

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