Uphold Wallet is not conecting

i have conected 3 devices to my uphold 1 windows and 2 andriod . every thing was working perfectly due to some resion i have to format my windows after that my windows version browser stop linking to upholad it say u have reched ur device limit. also i have accedently remove integration of brave from uphold which removed my andriod devices also how can i reconect my devices is there any way to fix this

Yep. new install is a new connection and you can not remove old ones. So you are basically effed. Same issue here. And it is extremely infuriating… Nothing you can do. Brave needs to raise the limit.

They have introduced Gemini for this reason itself, giving users 4 extra slots.

There is no way to gain back Uphold slots currently but they are working on it.

I’m having the exact same issue, which is very frustrating. I have tried a few things through Uphold but nothing seems to work, and since I have reinstalled Windows 2-3 times, I am now stuck with my local wallet… Hope it’s gonna come in a very soon update!

tryed gemini but or verification theye want passport for verifiction which i dont have right now

One guy said that we should go to https://exchange.gemini.com/upload and there we should give the following details:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. PAN Card
  3. Bank Statement for this month + last month
  4. If you can give Driver’s License, send it too.

ok will try this thanks for help

Well, at least it is supported for you. Me as living in Germany have no other option than uphold. But brave decided, reinstalling windows like 2x in 1 year is too much for them to handle…
That old devices can’t be removed is just ridiculous after all this time.
If they had an account system within brave it wouldn’t be much of an issue. But they don’t. That’s why people can’t remove old devices and nonstop lose their bat. Since when the files on the hard drive are gone or become corrupt etc, the whole wallet is gone.
They actually should make an account system which stores our bat information and wallet connection management tbh. That is all that is needed. And shouldn’t have privacy concerns with only this information.


This is super frustrating. I’m a Linux user who wants to be able to Distro/Desktop Environment hop at my discretion. Not being able to unlink old browsers is a HUGE oversight. Especially when I completely lose access to that old browser’s internal information when I move to a new setup. Can this enhancement (imo, bug) get moved up in the roadmap please? I would trade any new feature for the ability to unlink old browsers if it means I can continue linking Brave Rewards to my existing Uphold account. We really need to poke the marketing department or light up reddit. Unfortunately, bad news + mass outrage is a pretty surefire way to get things fixed.

Also… is Brave GDPR compliant without this feature?

Same, I’m living in France and my only option is Uphold. I have reinstalled Windows a few times and I’m now stuck since I was also using Brave Nightly.
You are right, they should add an account system since it’s impacting quite a few users, and is gonna impact a lot more with some time. Just changing phone, or pc, or just resetting pc makes you run into this problem.
I think we need to spread the word to Brave, and contact them, even though I don’t know how we can, to make them realize about this serious issue.

no luck with gemini dont now how to clame bat now

brave should change there wallet link method to direct withdrawal method like cryptotab browser

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