Uphold wallet disconnected post update. Wallet verification fails repeatedly to reconnect wallet

Description of the issue:
My connected Uphold wallet was disconnected 2 months post the mobile updates to Brave. I am on an Android phone.

Now, Uphold wallet sync is failing continuously from my Mobile.

The screen jumps back to the initial screen to verify wallet POST login to Uphold.

There is no way to credit the accumulated BATs to my Uphold wallet.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go To verify Wallet
  2. Login with Uphold credentials
  3. Login does not complete and therefore wallet verification stays incomplete
  4. BATs cannot get credited to Uphold account since wallet stays un-verified.

Expected result:
Wallet should get verified and the Uphold account screen post login should get displayed

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.32.112, Chromium 96.0.4664.45

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Additional Information:

Facing issue past 2 months and no response or resolution from Brave team


Same issue is happening to me also, please Brave Community do something , I lost my 6 BAT last month since Wallet was not connecting to Uphold successfully.

I’m having the exact same issue in my android smartphone for the las 2-3 months…
Any help from support please?

hi @be_ace have you tried disabling brave shield in the login page of the verification site? that’s the most common cause of what you describe

well same problem to me. my wallet that is being disconnected a long time ago to uphold cant connect now. it keeps on failing.

Well I’m not @be_ace but I have the same issue and I tried disabling the brave shield and still not working. Honestly, I check lots of forums and tried many different things but Id never got it working again…

@carum Maybe you reached the limit for linked wallets/account?

Go to brave://rewards-internals and check the event logs for errors related to the limit

How can I reset uphold limit of linked wallets/account?

@japlcd currently the only way I know to “unlink” a wallet from your crypto custodian account is this:

follow these instructions, but I have not idea how much time it will take

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John, Yes did try that out. It did not work. In fact, the account on my mobile device delinked as well post an update and not been connecting ever since.

Hey John,
The event log for me mentions 1 entry << device_limit_reached uphold/30aaa >>.
However, the wallet is disconnected and there is NO verified wallet connected as mentioned in status under “External Wallet” in brave://rewards-internals/.
This is extremely surprising!
There is definitely some glitch in the software!!

I have a typical situation…

a. Wallet status mentions “NOT connected” in brave://rewards-internals/
b. Events log states: “12/08/2021, 11:13:34 PM device_limit_reached uphold/30aaa”
c. I am unable to connect to my existing Uphold wallet for past many weeks

How do you address this issue!

Currently the limit of linked wallets per Uphold account is 4, is permanent. If you in any moment formatted or completely uninstalled your browser – wiped the user data along it or created a new profile with rewards enabled and verified that wallet and then deleted that profile, etc.

Every one of those permanently burnt 1 slot of the 4 limit. It doesn’t matter if the wallets are connected simultaneously or not

Recently the brave team make available the option I shared before but it only will allow the user to restore one slot

I hope my explanation is clear enough

To respond to the 4 account limit … The chronology of the issues as below:
a. Yes, I did uninstall the browser and reinstalled it to resolve some technical issues I was facing. But, at no time did I create another profile. Its the same Uphold a/c being used. Rewards were working.
b. Then post above issue there was the Windows11 update which messed up things. However, my Uphold a/c was still connected. At about the same time Brave version got updated and the rewards stopped getting credited.
c. I was told to do a fresh install of Windows11 to resolve the issues created due to the Win11 release. I did a complete reset for my laptop. With this the rewards crediting issue got resolved.
d. However, another issue related to the Uphold a/c getting disconnected and not reconnecting started. My Uphold a/c remains the same but no longer connected.

To place in perspective, nowhere was another profile or another Uphold account created.
So, not sure what it means to have multiple profiles/account created.
Request you to help me resolve the present situation.

To add to my previous note, I have submitted an wallet/account unlinking request to the Brave team.
I have also sent an ac/c delete request to Uphold to delete my present Uphold wallet.
I will be creating a new one.

I was talking about browser profiles, every profile have its own wallet id,. So everyone of them count towards the wallet limit.

The same could be said about browser installations, since you verified the wallets every time, unknowingly you burnt the slots

If users are having a problem verifying wallets due to devices limit reached surely it would be easier to delete all linked devices then just verify wallet.

And what if you still have access to some of your devices? Will they unlink the ones that are working too?

All your doing is linking brave to a wallet for payment of bat you will not lose any bat tokens just means you need to verify each device again.

Hi and welcome to Community :smiley:
I would like to give a heads up that the team is working diligently to update the wallet linking limit. Keep an eye out for further developments.

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