Uphold vs Gemini

Of course, @Aman_M already explained the easy way to get verified though, I followed him and get verified.

You just need to upload your documents here https://exchange.gemini.com/upload
I recommend you upload at least your bank statement. I got rejected when I uploaded my Aadhar and Pan only. Then I uploaded my bank statement and got verified after 24h. All the best.

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bhai bat ko xrp main convert krte ho na phle

11 Days up.

Still no progress on my side.

I am very disappointed.

They haven’t even replied to my Mail.

I guess you should try again with uploading files in that specific link which allows us to send multiple files and also send your Aadhar or pan card in pass port section. They will reject you at first but then after 12 hours you’ll get verified.

I know it’s sounds illogical but I guess they verify passport ones fast and once they will check yours, they will also check some files you sent them. I guess they ignore us if we don’t send something in passport image.

I sent files 2 times.

I also again mail them while in verification process. They replied with this you can see in ss

I am not talking about the upload link.

I am talking about the Normal Verification…

They still haven’t denied my verification.

@Adison is right, you should upload one more time. I had uploaded my Bank Statement twice because the first time they didn’t respond, neither the website was saying about ‘Verification is in process’ or something like that.

Also, I have concluded that I will be sticking to Uphold until the Gemini becomes more stable.