Uphold vs Gemini

Sure! once you enter the Uphold world and become familiar with the large number of functions that give you many benefits, you will realize that you made the best decision :money_mouth_face:

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I won’t be trying anymore.

PS: My documents were Aadhar Card, Pan Card & Voter ID Card (All Physical documents)

@Sidd I was also rejected in the first attempt. This was the reason given to me-


First reason was document expired as none the proof I submitted were less than 90 days old, which was a requirement for “Proof of Address”.

You can see image of email in my post above. So I think it was my Bank Statement which I submitted again that got me verified. You can try with that. Also make sure your personal details are similar across documents.

Since reason given to you is different, you should first contact Gemini support asking why you were rejected and if you can verify without passport, send them a screenshot of the email which says, you can verify without passport if you have received.

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@Aman_M Thanks!! I will try what you said and will update here.

I also got that but at night when I signed in to my account. I received that I am verified.
I submitted Pan, Aadhar and D/L

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I actually don’t have a driving license and Aadhar/Pan failed to get me verified. Now I have submitted my bank statement.

It should work.

Don’t know what’s going on with me.
Didn’t received any verified accounts payment and can’t say anything as they are pending.

Brave (4 profiles + 2 verified (uphold, Gemini))
But on my non verified account, it showed I will get 0.25 bat. I claimed and verified with Gemini.
And saw O.25 bat is transferred to Uphold (I thought how this happened)
And now I saw 0.25 bat is in Gemini wallet :upside_down_face:

Dang, they still haven’t replied to my documents.

You are lucky xD


Consulta en la https://www.gemini.com/custody para conocer los documentos permitidos, son diversos documentos opcionales que puedes verificar.

Espero haberte ayudado.

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@Aman_M, @ItzMeRajat, @Sidd
I have been verified just now. At first, I received an email saying your documents didn’t meet our requirements “probably the one which I gave through the passport page” but I also submitted a pan card and Aadhar card, and bank statement. ( just after 12hours or more getting rejected they verified me)


@Codesalot i have verifed and linked my brave to gemini account but i did not get 5 BATS!!! in how much time we will get it??

Great, I guess I am the only one left now.

I am so happy.

This is from gemini.com/brave

New Gemini users get 5 free BAT when you connect your account to Brave¹

¹Offer only available to new verified Gemini customers. BAT will be deposited into new Gemini accounts within thirty days of user reaching basic verification tier.

Hope this helps!

It’s said within 30 days of reaching basic verification tier.
Hope it’s get credited within that time

It should be, that is what the page said.
Good luck!

I also got verified today!!!
(Although I haven’t received the 5 free BATs yet.)

Can you explain your verification process in detail? Like after getting rejected the first time where did you send your Aadhar/Pan? Through the support email or through the app?

Of course, @Aman_M already explained the easy way to get verified though, I followed him and get verified.

You just need to upload your documents here https://exchange.gemini.com/upload
I recommend you upload at least your bank statement. I got rejected when I uploaded my Aadhar and Pan only. Then I uploaded my bank statement and got verified after 24h. All the best.

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bhai bat ko xrp main convert krte ho na phle

11 Days up.

Still no progress on my side.

I am very disappointed.

They haven’t even replied to my Mail.