Uphold vs Gemini

Hi guys, I recently saw that now we have another option to withdraw and manage our BATs but I dont get much time to research about it, Currently I use uphold to get my BATs then I transfer them to WAZIRX that converts my BATs to INR. So, Gemini simplifies anything? Need some guidance.


Gemini requires passport for international users.

Gemini gives you a 5 BAT gift when you join, and you do not need to have 15 BAT when creating a wallet, as far as I know. I prefer Gemini over Uphold, but both are great.


Thanks! It was really helpful. Does everyone get 5 BATs or there is some condition to get those free BATs?

I believe everyone will receive the BAT when verified with Gemini.

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This is simply False.

I dont have a passport. In that case, Gemini is not for me. :frowning_face:

Hmm, it is true.

I can’t use Gemini for that specific reason.

Yes, I don’t believe that is not required to set up an account. Are you thinking of Uphold?

Hmm, it is true.

I can’t use Gemini for that specific reason.

He is talking about Gemini.

And outside US we need Passport to be able to get verified. So its a bummer

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What about inside the US? This ridiculous requirement makes Gemini useless, in my opinion.

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Yes, I confirmed you will get 5 BAT tokens when you create an account with Gemini.

New Gemini users get 5 free BAT when you connect your account to BraveÂą

Inside the US, they can either use passport or a driver’s license to get verified.

Mate read this article by Gemini themselves: https://support.gemini.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001318986-What-documents-are-required-for-your-verification-

I also sent them a Mail regarding this, and this is the reply I got:

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Dude he literally meant the same thing me and @Codesalot are regular in this community so we know what we are saying. He even included a link which if you had opened, you might have read the article.

So shut up.


You know you are wrong this time so you couldn’t give any answer to me haha.

Well if I was wrong then that article by their website was wrong and also the employee that sent me the mail was also wrong. lol

Get some help, you will be alright.

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I also contacted Gemini through their Gmail support about the verification process.

They said I can use my Aadhar card or Pan card driving license.
They need at least two documents to verify.

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Did you get verified by using those two documents?

I have even attached the mail I got and they say that Passport is a must.

I haven’t and neither I tried.