Uphold verified my account but Brave didn't

Uphold verified my account in October 2021, I click on the Brave Rewards icon it says “Please complete identity verification to start receiving rewards.” and there is a link click to complete your KYC. I click that link forwarding to Uphold it says your account was already verified in October 2022.

It’s a screenshot for a verified Uphold account.

I hope my English is clear enough to understand. Thanks.

**Brave Version(1.36.116](it’s up to date)


I’ve noticed the same thing here, now i have to verify my account daily? Please fix this.

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Following this. I’m experiencing the same issue.


thanks to who reply my topic, so it’s common issue good to know.

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So, am I understanding this correctly, you can log into your Uphold account eventually but that “verify your account” message displays first? And you are logged out daily and have to repeat the process?

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