Uphold Verification Not Working After Trying to Add Desktop Browser

Thanks in advance for your time and such. I had a problem with Brave back around October, but tech support fixed it somehow and i had been recieving my payments each month even though the Brave “dashboard” always showed a 0 monthly balance.

However, a few days ago i tried to log in to a desktop version of Brave on one of my computers and add that browser to my account. I’m not sure why, but it wouldn’t connect that browser to my account. Eventually, it did connect, but now my Uphold wallet is “unverified,” and every time i attempt to verify it an error message says something like “this action was unsuccessful.”

Not sure what to do, and Brave support was able to figure it out last time, so im hoping they can help again. Thanks again.

Have you tried contacting uphold support?

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