Uphold verification error (Moldova)

I have a problem, I am a registered and verified user of the Uphold service, I used to receive payments from the browser without problems, recently my wallet cannot connect to the browser, writes “Unsupported region”, but I can use the Uphold wallet without problems.
I am in Moldova, can you tell me if it is possible to solve this problem in order to continue receiving payments from the Brave browser?

It is because ‘Moldova is not supported by BRAVE for verification of rewards’. You will be able to use Uphold till Uphold is supported in your region (Nothing to do with Brave). This is essentially a step taken by Brave, backed by Uphold & Gemini. You will still be earning BATs, only you won’t be able to withdraw them out of the Brave Browser. Once region is restored you should be able to re - connect.

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