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I love Brave but I’m dissapointed about uphold.
I’m french. I have USD :heavy_dollar_sign:on my uphold account but I can’t transfer them on my bank account because I’m a french resident. Is it possible to transfer from uphold to paypal or any other idea to transfer my USD ?

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you can go to https://wallet.uphold.com/dashboard and change it to Euro

Try sending it to another wallet that support french banks by converting it to another cryptocurrency eg XRP

you can use this website to convert BAT into PAYPAL/amazon gift card etc https://www.bitrefill.com/buy/?utm_campaign=599323638&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=336807636405&utm_term=bitrefill&adgroupid=31087258994

i think that the website doesn’t support bat

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yeah you r right , first u have to change BAT to DASH then…

is it in your country cryptocurrency allow or not if yes then you can easily transfer your bat token

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my goal was really to transfer on a dollar account.

Thanks all for you help and assistance.
I’m really disappointed about uphold.

I have a bank account in France and Switzerland. My goal and dream was to open a dollar account in France or Switzerland just to have a different currency than EUR and CHF.

It’s sounds strange but I just want to be proud to have a dollar account.

I will try XRP.
Never give up your dreams.

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