Uphold unlinked me

This month again problems with my account, last month my payment arrived very late and now when the message that indicated that there were 2 days left for the payment that message disappeared and now I observe that my Uphold account does not appear linked to Brave, however my Bats that I have in Uphold still appear reflected in brave, I try to link it again but it does not let me since the option to link the wallet is not enabled as you can see in the following image, please help that later my payment will be delayed again for this wrong, it’s not fair.

The verify wallet option is not available to me to be able to link it again, what is the cause of this problem, please help

You can see that my Uphold account appears connected

However, in brave it appears that I have not yet created a wallet

help please reach to take a screenshot of the payment when it still appears

Helpme please

It seems that everything was a “bug” and my linked uphold account appears again, I hope that this time my payment will arrive on time please.

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