Uphold turned down 3 Major US banks

And they refuse to give me a list of approved banks. Anyone else have this problem.

Did they specifically tell you, that those three banks are not supported in general or did you get an error message after trying to fund/withdraw with these banks?

At least Bank Of America seems to be supported, as it is mentioned here. <- This is also a guide to link bank accounts for US residents, in case that applies to you. Did you follow that guide?

I gave them everything they asked for and every time the reply is the quote below. On ALL 3 banks. Why will they not give me a list of approved Banks?

"Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

However, our bank account verification system was not able to verify the information that was entered for your bank account, reason it has been declined.

Unfortunately, since our verification system cannot validate your account, we are unable to provide you with this service.


Sofia L. and the Uphold Team"

There, a few reasons are listed why your accounts could have been declined. Does any of that apply to you?

And my guess is, that they simply don’t have a list of supported banks, as they usually accept all US banks. (Edit: Even smaller, regional banks are supported and would be manually linked by Uphold employees, if they don’t participate in the automatic verification process)

Do your bank accounts work without problems with other online services, in case you use any?

No, my location is Detroit. It has been over a month of emails back and fourth. Giving them every thing the wanted, I still get the same quote sent to me. And yes all of my banks work with online services.

Hm that is strange. Could you maybe contact you bank and ask for possible reasons?

This sounds like your bank might have declined the verification for some reason. This of course if you are sure all of your entered information are correct and follow the linked guides.

I did contact all 3 banks and they said All good. One bank, Ally Bank said it is Uphold and the bank they are using . So I asked Uphold what bank they use, NO reply. tried again, No reply.

That does sound like a case of poor costumer service. No idea what to do from here, except trying to get in touch with a different Uphold employee who might be more helpful.

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