Uphold - The Worst Company Ever

It depends on what you mean by “service”: I am not interested in trading cryptocurrencies, so I will never need that kind of service. I just need to accumulate BATs, and it works.
Like I said, Gemini verified my account right away (and it was night in the US).
I guess people who don’t have a passport, or who try to send useless (not to say fake) photos, get blocked.

I can’t find any sources claiming that the only purpose of BATs is anonymity. Not even bitcoins are anonymous. If you need anonymity, you should use other cryptocurrencies, such as Monero.

Uphold messed up my port, I still have not received my BAt after veryifying with them. Right now Brave team is working with them.

I just wanted you to compare both services as a wallet for BAT tokens & Verification time ,for trading there are other nice options

Have you ever read brave rewards website?
They say “we rewards users on the basis of proof of attention while your personal data is kept private”.
also brave ads carry no cookies, fingerprinting etc

Indeed, it says that your data are kept private, but not that you remain anonymous.

The only way I can think of to use BATs while remaining anonymous is getting BATs through the ads and tipping publishers: it’s all done within the browser.

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totally agree uphold suuocks totally

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