UPHOLD stealing 15 BAT for any transfer. How about withdrawing BAT from the browser?

this is old uphold now new one came

you mean the interface in the app.??. I don’t know in the app though. I’m not an android user. accessing the site still gives me that interface, they suggest me using the beta interface but never use it anyway.

You are luckier than me.
They stole all of my balance.
They did not return my funds as they promised.

When I withdrew my funds from Uphold, the transaction failed.
I contacted the support team. They responded by deleting my account.
They have not returned my funds so far.

Does this mean that we pay fees about 15 BAT per montly payout per browser when an Uphold wallet is connected?

Since we have accepted their terms and conditions https://uphold.com/en/legal/membership-agreement/general and their pricing https://uphold.com/en/pricing when we’ve created our account, it seems very complicated to claim they steal the BAT.


Maybe I’m wrong but there is nothing like this in their pricing: https://uphold.com/en/pricing

I can’t find anything about receiving coins there and my question was more about the network fees.

I regognized that I only receive a fraction of the BATs in Uphold than I earned in Brave. They seem to be “lost” since there is no information about network fees or other costs in the transaction details.

I’m just curios where the BATs are going and how much it is.

ya… uphold takes alot in fees. BAT is actually one of, if not the cheapest to transfer from uphold.