Uphold site will not work in Brave / Wallet recovery issue

I got a new computer, installed Brave, and used my seed recovery phrase from my old computer’s Brave wallet. My old wallet had more than 200 BAT in it. After using the recovery phrase, the browser was only showing a small portion of that. I connected to Uphold, and still didn’t show a correct balance. At this point, Uphold worked fine.

I went asking about that issue on Reddit, and someone told me to grab the old Brave folder located in appdata/local, and copy that over to the new computer. That made my full 200+ BAT show correctly in Brave, but now Uphold’s site will not load correctly. Works fine on any other browser, so I believe it has to do with me replacing that folder.

In summary, I have two choices:
(1) Revert to my new Brave folder. Uphold works, but neither Brave nor Uphold show my full BAT balance.
(2) Use my old Brave folder. Uphold does not work, but Brave shows my full BAT balance.

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