Uphold seems to absent subscribers

I want to create an account for Brave Rewards.

Creating a Brave Browser wallet on Uphold does not work.

The user creation form is inactive while there is no error message.
There is the same result with or without shields activated.

There is the same problem on the Uphold site to submit a trouble ticket. The form does not work.

The problem is the same on the computer and on the smartphone.

What is the solution ?

Brave browser wallet and Uphold are quite different.

Try Uphold account sign up at

Already done with the same failure.

I just did it again by clicking on your link and the form does nothing.
I even did by disabling all my extensions without success.

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Could you try in a private window / create new profile?

This gives the same result.

I even tried with a vpn in case France would be in annoyance with Uphold. It is also a failure.

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Weird. Could you install Brave beta / nightly and try ?
Works perfectly fine on all releases for me. Seems to be an issue on your brave installation or something.

I only use versions pushed by my opensuse repository.
I don’t want to risk destabilizing my Brave or my system with a potentially unstable build.

If it works well for you, I just have to wait a bit for the beta to be stabilized and pushed into my updates.
I will wait.

Thank you for your help.

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Brave Beta or Nightly won’t affect your Original Brave stable release, so no issues with that.

It works for me in stable release as well, meaning your Brave installation of stable release is having some issues likely.

I uninstalled and then reinstalled Brave.
I cleared the cache and cleared the Uphold cookie but nothing happened.

My BAT aren’t showing up either and haven’t been credited for some time, but re-installing didn’t improve anything.

I’ll start again later.

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Maybe try in Chrome.

Doesn’t work on Chromium or Firefox or Falkon.

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There’s some firewall or something blocking it then, most likely. I say so cause you aren’t able to access it on any other browsers as well.

Or else Uphold uses cname-cloaking…

Already the javascript libraries are questionable. Their ways do not tell me anything worthwhile.

I will stop there.

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It seems that this platform is disreputable, see

Why is Brave promoting a scam platform?
This is the term that comes up most often in French reviews.

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