Uphold says that Brave is the only one who set up device limit

If you reinstall brave it would Count as 2 installation for example you connected with uphold and then you uninstall and tried to install again in same device it would still consider as 2 devices

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Seems like when brave updates, it still counts as a new connection. Because I had it working perfectly fine, on just 2 devices. and now it only works on one. No new installs, just the periodic updates.

Does anyone has information about the timeline for the release of said wallet management tool for brave??

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I wanted to add another device to my Uphold, but was blocked from doing so for reaching the limit.

Seems unreasonable to limit to four or at all. Please remove the limit.

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They set up 4 device limit but not provide us with the way to reset it. They just promise to create some utility for that but it is just a promise still.


that utility is “in progress”, so wait for some time don’t just spam here and there and if you so badly want to remove the links then create a new issue and admins will help you

@preIdiot What links? I have the issue which is not resolved and it is here. What should I do more to make my issue to be resolved?

For users wanting to unlink a wallet from their verified account, please see the following post for instructions on how to submit an unlinking request. Note that at this time we can only unlink up to one wallet per custodial account.

Thank you.


I think it’s important for you to know that my events log on brave://rewards-internals/ indicates that different wallets were being connected and disconnected with uphold earlier this year at a time when I was only using one device with brave rewards. Therefore there is some kind of glitch causing an event (such as a browser update, potentially?) to be interpreted by Brave rewards as a disconnecting and verifying of a new wallet, even though it is not the case.

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Why did not you think about it from the start?


Hello thank you for sharing the brave link, whats corresponding “device_limit_reached” variables please when the value is “uphold/96a6b” ?

It is weird nobody at Brave thought about it when they launched Rewards linking.
Don’t they use their own products?


Who knows…they got my wallet flagged because the automatic detector is say i am using a vpn when i am not …i have been dealing with this for bout 3 weeks now been strung along telling me that they will have the tooling soon to fix this problem even on a certain date one brave guy said he would have the tooling to remove the next day and that was 2 weeks ago

I’ll probably start using crypto browser instead of brave…Braves support sux and i don’t even know if any of them know what they are doing and they straight up lied to me so why should I waste my time anymore!!!

Brave really needs to resolve this device limitation issue because it shouldn’t even exist.

Furthermore, I personally have a VPN always connected and had no issues with it, but I’d not be surprised if they’d complain about that unnecessarily.


I have seen some staff of brave doesn’t recommend vpn and they’re stricktly against vpn. (which doesn’t make any sense)

ads are based on location… if you use a vpn ads cannot be targeted… there are also countries that vpn routes through that have legal restrictions.

On account that both, Uphold and Gemini, say that this limitation is due to Brave, then it’s Brave that has to settle it.

It’s unacceptable to restrict folks to four devices per account. There’s no point to that being there.


I know about it but still brave shouldn’t flag users for vpn. Not everyone uses vpn for ads but for surfing web. If possible brave should just stop the ads while the user uses vpn…

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True, it’s brave problem but at the same time they do it to avoid massive use of it. For example imagine in a office where everyone uses brave browser and one guy connect with his uphold to all the browser. I think to prevent this brave have such limitations. But still brave should add a system for us to remove or add devices to one uphold account.

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