Uphold says that Brave is the only one who set up device limit

Brave Beta is still 4 Uphold/custodian connections. It’s supposed to follow the same rules, except you could get more than 5 ads an hour.


I have the same issue, and I needed to reinstall my computer because of my work.
Today I am unable to get my BATs, do we have any informations about any evolution ?

Guys, just wondering what if you create another uphold and get that verified? and delete the previous one will that bypass the device limit as you are connecting to a new wallet?

That’s really upsetting indeed…
I’ve got the report that 4 device slots limit for the verified wallet has been reached, but I really don’t understand how, since I’ve only got 2 devices actually linked to the account (1 Android device and the desktop browser). Is there a way that I can at least see which devices are connected to the Uphold account?

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This is immensely annoying. I had my wallet linked on my work phone and work laptop. The company decided to give us new hardware and now, I can’t link them anymore because my slots are full. This is just wrong honestly.

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id like to see the ability to remove old or unused devices if the hardcap of 4 will continue to exist with uphold and gemini (in the future)


This is a ridiculously short sighted and insane limit of 4 lifetime devices. I can’t fathom how anyone would think this is acceptable. Even a very basic user would have a computer and cell phone, after replacing or reloading each one once, they are at the “lifetime” limit. Not to mention power users. I have dual boot PC, dual boot laptop and cell phone. Literally over the limit day 1 of using BAT. This is causing people to lose BAT/money and creating some very bad customer experience. I am losing faith in this product. If this is not your top priority to fix, you need to rethink your priorities.

Immediately you need at least a way to see which devices are connected. Second a way to remove old no longer used devices and/or increase the device limit. You are literally incentivizing people to not use your product with these limits. Especially power users with dual boot and several devices.


yes 4 does seem a bit restrictive considering how we recycle devices, computers, os/software, etc… I understand the preventative nature to stop people farming bat if this were unlimited… but yeah this should be higher and we should have the ability to modify our list associated with uphold and whatever comes in the future (gemini, etc…)

You can’t make another Uphold and delete your old uphold if you’ve already submitted taxes…a LOT of us have done that.

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THat’s a load of BS. Zechs would have your head for being a simp.

So I did a fresh install of windows today. I forgot to backup all the brave files to restore everything easy after.
Now I cant verify my wallet which was fine for almost a year running on this here very same machine just with a fresh install. What is this nonsense… And it also does not allow me to unlink “old devices” which mostly are this exact device. This is a disgrace and needs to be fixed. So from now on all rewards my PC earns go into the drain because brave devs cant be bothered to implement a very simple solution for this. This is sad. It needs to be fixed immediatly…


Its’s brave who has set up the limit.

Read this if you doubt.


To me a more sensible solution if BAT farming is an issue would be to automatically release slots if they have not been used for the past 4-6 months (since BAT should be claimed within 3 months usually).


If you are concerned with your slot management do not use brave beta and brave they will both use a slot.

I’ve given up on Brave browser, due to BAT never going to Uphold since February, device limits, not receiving ads, them blocking devices that don’t pass safety net checks, etc etc. The list goes on. I’ve gone back to a browser that actually cares about privacy, Firefox. There’s other ways to receive crypto rewards for free, far superior to Brave browser ecosystem.

It’s not upholds end it’s braves end i have been in contact with uphold …at least uphold responds to my emails…but brave has yet to give me answers or resolution … very poor support from brave!!!

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I might just have to do the same …getting sick of all the bull crap from brave …dumb that they have a device limit they need to change this!!

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other ways to receive crypto rewards for free, far superior to Brave browser ecosystem.

Can you name any examples please? I would be very interested… Thanks

Not sure if I can mention them here, as the links might get removed. I’m involved in one that is in beta and invite only, I’ve earned more crypto in USD value in 2 weeks with this than I’ve earned in half a year of bat rewards. PM me and I’ll share details…

facing a similar issue here, Brave updated recently and I noticed my wallet status is unverified, clicked to verify, “Sorry unable to connect, try again after a while”. well, that can’t be good. Tried on Nightly built, at least gave me a better answer of “Device count of 4 has reached, so can’t add more”. but still, I only own 2 devices. How can it be???