Uphold says that Brave is the only one who set up device limit

Unfortunately, it seems that this limit is indeed set by Brave, not by Uphold. Gemini will also have 4 “lifetime” device limit.


wonder if we will be able to have 4 at uphold and 4 at gemini at same time…


@foreggbor Nowhere in that link does it say that BRAVE made that limitation, only that it exists. It’s still Uphold that required the limitation.

@GrzybDev Where did you get the information that Gemini will have the four-device limit?

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dunno… this statement kind of says they do…

Regarding your question, Brave Rewards are the ones who set up the amount of accounts that can be linked to a crypto wallet.

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@tonymend1980 I’m not taking Uphold Support’s email as gospel, especially when they cite a Brave FAQ that says nothing of the sort. Uphold has already been caught doing some shady stuff, and I trust them (and their “support”) about as far as I can throw them.

either way… brave support has stated they are aware of these issues and are working on them.

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I got that information from BAT Team on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/BATProject/comments/nljcsa/uphold_can_only_connect_lifetime_to_4_accounts/gzlehzm?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)

(It’s also clearly stated on FAQ that we’re limited to 4 connections to EVERY custodian account - https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360056508071-How-many-Brave-Rewards-wallets-can-be-linked-to-my-crypto-custodian-account-)

Based on that, Now we’ll have an option to connect up to 8 devices (4 Gemini, 4 Uphold)… and that’s it

So to summarize, it’s Brave who puts that limit, not Gemini nor Uphold


@Gecawi LOL. Shady stuff? It’s all open source. Go to the GitHub and download the source and tell us all what the shady stuff is.

I’m pretty sure the rest of us know what’s up with BAT and support, while you’re frantically trying to defend the devs.

Open Source is not a panacea, nor is Brave fully open-source, transparent with us where our BAT went, and audited despite dealing in funds.


Many of us have this problem. The sad thing is that nobody from Brave developers replied yet. It looks like it’s a real problem for many of us but there’s no solution from Brave. Either plans are not visible.
Based on my current information directly from Uphold the device limit managed by Brave.


Download brave beta, it got a lot of fixes and updates. It may have different “rules” or a way around some current issues on regular brave.

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I don’t know if it’s hit Beta yet, but they have a fix in the works so when you select ‘Disconnect Wallet’ option it actually works. Not sure if it actually frees the slot on Uphold.

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@tonymend1980 @GrzybDev From the Brave Help Center: " At this time, the maximum number of Brave Rewards wallet instances you may verify or link to an Uphold account (or other custodian account) account is 4."

  • This means without further questions that it is not an Uphold issue. That being said, as far as I understood (from what I read on Uphold reviews) transactions between Uphold accounts are fee and charges free - but it would be good to have further confirmation on this. if it is true in the case someone needs an extra 5th or more Brave wallets connections to Uphold one could just open a new account and if needed transfer funds from the older accounts to get all the funds together. Until Brave “fix” this limitation. Not sure if this is really possible (again need further confirmations), nor if it is just a dumb idea.

This device limit is urgent. Brave needs to take this seriously. If I lost my phone or a Windows Update caused some issue, people will lose money. Yeah! BAT is the money for the internet.


does brave beta has different rules??? if yes then what is the maximum uphold connection limit. is it 4 or more??

Brave Beta is still 4 Uphold/custodian connections. It’s supposed to follow the same rules, except you could get more than 5 ads an hour.


I have the same issue, and I needed to reinstall my computer because of my work.
Today I am unable to get my BATs, do we have any informations about any evolution ?

Guys, just wondering what if you create another uphold and get that verified? and delete the previous one will that bypass the device limit as you are connecting to a new wallet?

That’s really upsetting indeed…
I’ve got the report that 4 device slots limit for the verified wallet has been reached, but I really don’t understand how, since I’ve only got 2 devices actually linked to the account (1 Android device and the desktop browser). Is there a way that I can at least see which devices are connected to the Uphold account?

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This is immensely annoying. I had my wallet linked on my work phone and work laptop. The company decided to give us new hardware and now, I can’t link them anymore because my slots are full. This is just wrong honestly.

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