Uphold reward payout notice for users

Come on @nawaab what do you want why are you so rude here

I have noticed you are spreading rudeness instead of helping communiity so stop this nonsense and help community as much as you can and try to understand what others mean

@Herrvader totally agree



@nawaab I received payment only for the rewards on my mobile browser. Rewards for laptop browser disappeared. I’ve opened a post for that.

Just sliding-in for Coco. He tries to solve-issues or at least gives his best. And dead-honest on making a mistake/not understanding the issue. A quick correction/edit follows :grin:. And he’s got some humor to it too.

Never, personally seen him complaining for payout (even though I know he must’ve had some). You gotta embrace him and not shun him away.

@nawaab You did misunderstood him.