Uphold, restricted account and violation of privacy

My dear friends, here I am again with yet another complaint about Uphold.
I’ll get straight to the point… given that the account has always worked well up until now, now for other reasons provided by them they require other banking information to understand where the funds come from in their opinion for legal issues against money laundering, etc.
Other exchanges like Binance and Coinbase were much more correct and only asked me for my identity document, but Uphold goes further and even though I’m just anyone and don’t even have a lot of money in my hand, I think that what they ask for is too much, this is a clear violation of privacy, they are going too far and I say flatly that collaboration with them is a real threat to user privacy and is total disgusting.
I consider myself a free user to think and above all I am not naive but I personally do not allow anyone, not even an exchange to go beyond my regular identification documentation.
I want to be free to cash out my BAT without having to feel my privacy threatened and I require an alternative to the infamous Uphold and even Gemini, indeed… I want to cash out my BAT in simple and regular cryptocurrency wallets, perhaps Exodus or similar.
Otherwise I will deactivate my advertising earnings or perhaps switch to another browser.


Uphold “kindly” informed me that they will be closing my account, in response to the communication I sent them.
It’s such a pleasure doing business with Uphold, isn’t it?
It would be wiser to cash in your BAT in a common cryptocurrency wallet, right?
And instead…

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