Uphold remove one slot!

I have connected one Browser (PC) and one publisher account so 2 slots left…

so if I remove Brave Browser from here will I get one free slot?

I had to format my laptop so I lost that browser without backup key.

NO their is no any feature for this

Guess what!! It worked! I removed the Brave Browser application thing from uphold and tried to connect all 3 slots to my brave profiles and boom!!

It worked!

haha lol.

If someone has a one brave browser connected to uphold and that browser or device is lost then go to Uphold > Settings > Applications > AUTHORIZED APPLICATIONS here then remove “Brave Browser”

Make sure to check “Brave Browser” title then click on it then REMOVE.

Credits goes to @ShineWhine

His post :-

Thanks @ShineWhine


publisher and brave browser total is 5 slot . you connect 5 slot . its normal

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