Uphold rejects email addresses? Service in trouble?

Maybe it is just bad programming or too high server load, but it appears that I cannot “Join Uphold” using either a desktop browser or the Android app. Their response is “invalid email format” for what is used and accepted and functional on every other service… Strange.

So, no reward experience for me right now.

You may need to contact Uphold support team regarding your issue.

I lost some of my interest, but will eventually do that if I manage to get in contact with them with my totally ill-formatted email address. :wink:

I tried and they returned an email saying:

" Welcome! You’re almost ready to connect to Uphold Member Support.
" Just click the link below to create a password and login.

Well, this is the pattern of not dealing with account problems: You first need to have an account in order to request help because you cannot create one. LOL

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