Uphold reintroduces FEES again for BAT!

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@Sixtheninth I don’t know if you’re right becouse I haven’t received any payment for the last 2 months, but in their website Uphold says that BAT token fees are the 1.95 % per transaction I guess. It is a shame becouse the Rewards Earnings are decreasing and now the fees increasing LOL.

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Any doubt just tell me :+1:

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Brave has nothing to do with the high transaction fees neither Uphold. The fees reaching the sky limit because of massive transactions happening on Ethereum Blockchain, for more info :-

SOLUTION :- You can gather 100+ bats and then transfer it to your external wallet through Uphold App as of Uphold app doesn’t charge any fees for transactions above amount of 100 BATs.


Hey, thanks for clarification :slight_smile:


I didn’t know Uphold App doesn’t charge you for transferring 100+ BAT. Does the same apply if you transfer 100+ BAT through Uphold website to your external wallet? I would assume the same applies to the website as well


Only if you are using Uphold beta if you are doing transaction right now. https://beta.uphold.com. This beta is going to be released as main site within a day or so.

That sounds great
I will do that after I get 100+ BAT

Thank you so much
Have a good weekend

I withdraw my BAT with XRP still work and has low fee