Uphold payments August earnings not correct

QUOTE: “NOTICE : For Uphold users, payments will now appear as one deposit into your Uphold account, rather than an individual deposit for each wallet verified/linked to your Uphold account. Example: If you have 3 browsers verified with Uphold, each earning 1 BAT for the month, you will receive a deposit into Uphold for 3 BAT.”

I have only received 2,7385 BAT’s instead of the 1,061 BAT from one account plus 3,54 BAT from the other according to the estimated earnings on the pictures. According to the above explanation stated on your page I should had to receive 4,601 BAT’s together for two accounts for the August earnings.

That’s from one account and this is the other:


Why can’t the payments be done correctly, it’s almost a year already since these mistakes all started?

Wait a few more days to see if you get a second payment.
If not, open a support ticket using the link below

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I’m afraid that won’t happen, I was told to wait every month and it will not come correct after all.

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