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Hello, I am reconnecting my Uphold account to my brave rewards but when I do. It shows me that is grayed out along with Gemini. I traveled to the Philippines and stayed there from November 27 to February 19. During that stay, I noticed that my brave rewards got disconnected and then when I got back in California where I know I could connect my Uphold account again. It would not let me, what seems to be the problem? Posting a screenshot of what I see when on the brave rewards page https://prnt.sc/T5xVcRHA6rRd

Go to brave://flags and enable a flag called ‘Always show Brave Rewards custodial connection options’. That should solve the grey buttons

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I will try that, thank you

This solution worked and right after I relaunched the browser, I was able to connect my uphold account. Thank you again and have a nice day.

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