Uphold Not COnnecting . IT shows device limit reached

when i try to connect my brave wallet to uphold it shows me device limit reached…i have only one device connected currently thats my mobile …
kindly help

@irfanbhat58 For future reference, you might want to check out FAQ recently made at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers as it has answers to common issues, including the one you asked here.

At the time of writing this FAQ, there is a limit to 4 wallets/devices. If you have changed devices, reinstalled Brave, or added new devices then each of those used up one of your 4 slots. If you’re experiencing this issue, then you need to complete a Wallet unlinking request form . You can read more about it at Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Brave is adding an option for us to be able to manage our own wallets, meaning we can unlink it ourselves. This should be released sometime in March or April of 2022, as long as nothing happens to cause any delays. When that happens, we shouldn’t have this problem anymore.

And though you say only one device, the limit means any time you reinstalled the browser then connected it or if you changed devices. It can add up quick. So it sounds like you’ve done too many reinstalls or added/changed devices multiple times in the past.

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