Uphold not allowed in my state

I love the rewards program but I cannot use the Uphold wallet as it is not available in NY. Is there any way for me to get my BAT and use a different wallet? I really hate to see it just sitting there when it could be useful elsewhere.

Hey Aaron,
just to be clear. New York you mean?

Yes, to be clear I did mean New York.

Unbelievable (no offence just baffelt). Uphold serves customers worldwide they say. It is a californian company.
Uphold HQ Inc. NMLS ID No. 1269875
900 Larkspur Landing Circle Larkspur, CA 94939 United States

Maybe one of these alternatives can help you out of this.

Not unbelievable.

We are at WAR people!!!

It’s time to WAKE UP TO THE TRUTH about what is going on & it ain’t no FAKE VIRUS!!!

smh about this.

Now I wonder if they will be shutting down ALL of the states.

Why you ask?

Because they are going to be getting rid of the fiat soon & will FORCE US to use their digital currency, so if you don’t do exactly what they tell you to do with your body & life, they will STOP YOU FROM GETTING MONEY.

Don’t believe me?

I have TONS of information on all of this.

Even though I’ve been learning about this for over 5 years now, since the scamdemic broke out I’ve been killing myself working 8-12 hrs. per day (sometimes I don’t go to sleep for over 24 hrs.) & it was obvious to me we were at war, I’ve been working to wake the WALKING DEAD UP b/c we need millions worldwide (YES, this is a worldwide WAR - WWIII or the 4th Reich) in order to combat this…

Am I successful?

Nope, especially NOT with geeks, as I learned shockingly that geeks worship the mafia gov’t & the fake science we’ve had to endure for hundreds of years now & REFUSE to listen to reason & just thow fake science around without even studying a thing.

Only one mother said her son was researching this long before the war broke out. He just never told her.

NO I’m not crazy, anyone who REFUSES to learn the truth is.

I hope you don’t delete this b/c this is ALL related & people need to know this. This is NOT about politics. I don’t believe in the mafia gov’t which is slavery, I ONLY believe in FREEDOM.

THIS IS ABOUT HUMANITY PEOPLE. Your life & your family & friend’s life!!!.

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