Uphold is verified but Brave Rewards says that I still need to verify

Hello, I have followed the instructions and have verified my Uphold account via smartphone. Got a confirmation email from Uphold as well. But Brave Rewards for some reason still says:

“To receive your payments, you’ll need to verify your identity on Uphold.”

And there’s a link “Continue to verify” which simply leads to Uphold wallet and nothing happens. I’m confused. How to get that referral link?

Hi @TotalKoshmar, what OS and Brave version is this? Are you verified on a different device as well?

Hi @steeven, thanks for the reply. It’s the latest Brave version (downloaded today). Windows 10. Only on PC. However, I have logged in to B. Rewards now and it was updated. Seems like everything is fine now. But I also would like to promote Brave in my Telegram groups. How can I do that properly? As there’s no way to add them as a channel.

Hi @TotalKoshmar, glad to hear that this was solved. You can share your verified channel within the Telegram.