Uphold is not worthy to Brave Browser

If you have the account at uphold, you can reverify Brave without issues. Done it plenty of times. You should not get any issues. Actually had to reverify my phone like a week ago. No problem. If you created your uphold account before they stopped operating in your country, you are good. It just does not allow new accounts within uphold to be created.

And on uphold banning accounts, I doubt they just willy nilly ban people for no reason. Its like the cheaters in videogames. They cheat, get banned and then take their frustration to the forums and act like angels.
Not saying there aint any false flags, but generally I wouldnt trust those. People usually do something that doesnt align with the ToS or law but are not aware of it. And get banned due to it. Hence manual review also not reinstating the account.

what do you mean I’m criminal :worried::worried:

What I am saying is, you may have done something that you are not aware about but is against Upholds TOS or something.

Unfortunately, that is not the case on many of my fellow co-region… our region is banned due to illegal activities by many users here. Well, I’m still good because I never done that and still connected as of this moment, but even those who did not do illegal things but just happen to be disconnected (whether they disconnect it themselves or just the uphold system requiring them to) find it unable to reconnect their devices… soon I will do a test on this on my other unverified accounts if I will not be able to linked those accounts or not, maybe I’ll do it when brave lifts the 4 device-limit because I’m nearing that limit and I don’t wanna waste a spot because of a test… I’ll find out soon myself.

Ohh, that sucks. I hope you wont have any issues in the future.

i have Binance, wazirx and Gemini from 2 years and they don’t have any problem.
only i need uohold for the custodial of BAT because there’s no other option

Well, gemini should be available on android soon. You could also as someone else already said get the brave nightly on your phone since it apparently supports gemini already.

Yeah, I hope they lift that ban in the future or at least do better detection solution just not to ban an entire region but rather the specific individuals doing it… I do admit, I find many people on FB in my region doing nefarious things like farming brave and selling uphold accounts… sad but those who tried to be good was also affected… Well, anyway I do understand uphold’s action, no grudges there from me,…

They should rather ban Facebook in your country instead tbh. :smiley:

Well, anything that can make money has its black sheeps

ahaha, yeah FB is cancer here. like most people stayed there and fight over many things especially in my country.

https://youtu.be/Od-Ucpu7rXg see what i found.
you see in the comment section for biasness of uphold

Yes. Uphold is disgusting.

no uphold was good but nowadays they not creating account for those who want to connect Brave.

I had no issues to open a account. Waiting up to 2 weeks getting an answer to an Email was an issue. Refusing to close my account was an issue. Being Very unfriendly in their emails was issue. Why would a company working in the anonymous crypto currency business want to know the reason I wanted to close it and then refusing to do so after not being happy with my answer. The reason was simply because there was no option on their site for me to do myself. Things like this were issues I had.

they are not giving the reason for not offering me account is an issue, so how i can make correction.
My brother open an account twice with same document after his 4 slot ended and I’m trying 1st time with same process and they not letting me in. It’s the problem I’m facing and without custodial where i can keep my BAT safe it’s even worthless.

There must be multiple wallet option.

Hehe becouse it takes alot to verify is not that Uphold is not trustworthy :smiley:
Imagine how many things can go wrong with your registration , so can be declined…

I’am uphold user and all my friends that i installed brave arround 40 are uphold users too, and everything is smooth as butter… Now what did you do wrong provide info, emails ,etc…
What is this restriction ? - They must have send you some sort of declided email or something to fix with your reg…

because you created it before go now create new one, you will know