Uphold is not worthy to Brave Browser

brave you need to remove UpholdInc and add some other custodial exchange.
It’s been a month I’m trying to create an account but they didn’t let me, after losing hope I try to create my father account but they restricted it by not letting me connect to brave after the verification completed.


Correct, Uphold is a disastrous partner for Brave.
I think Brave are waiting until they write their own wallet, then dump Uphold.
One can only hope…


yeah Brave need to integrate thier own wallet with Brave ad reward, don’t know how long it will take.
i even created an account in gemini and it took 8 hours to verify but sad part is that brave official browser for Android doesn’t have option to connect with Gemini.


I closed my uphold account last year. Unfortunately Gemini does not operate in Germany . Every time I click the rewards symbol, brave reminds to verify. I would love to but there is only one option to verify. Uphold


so have you register it again

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Not with uphold. And to make using crypto in the EU more difficult, the parliament in Brussels voted to outlaw anonymous crypto currency transactions in the EU.

what about decentralized??

Right?! Uphold is the worst integration Brave could do. Why are Brave Rewards not integrated into the native wallet of Brave? slaps forehead

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Because it was not a custodian wallet… If brave will use the native wallet as brave rewards deposit box, then they also have to verify all users as the law mandated them to…

how to find solution for uphold restricting me to create an account. Look i have gemini but android device version has no option for that

Unfortunately, only uphold can lift you from that restriction since it was in their platform…

i contacted many times they are sorry to not provide me anymore service and when i ask reason they said they can’t provide that.
now where i go

what i can do???
atleast brave bring back Gemini so i can keep my BAT safe, any format to my device is losing every BAT

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Then it is what it is really… Brave can’t do anything to it…
But as an affected user, all you have to do is wait (since no one can do anything about it except uphold themselves). Yeah, I get it. Uphold is not really good and I’m sad to what happen to your account. I just hope, brave will add more options but “WHEN” is the question…

I have Gemini, Binance, and WazirX and they don’t have any problem but uphold really s*cks

Gemini is ok, I heard they are adding it to android soon…
Unfortunately for Binance and WazirX, they are not custodial wallets so a no go…

i hope they add Gemini as soon as possible.

What is the issue with Uphold? I use it for 2 years and no issue whatsoever ever. There are more issues with Gemini than uphold from what I gather on the forums.

I actually live in Germany and uphold still works for me. Even though they dont allow to create accounts anymore for Germany. Still no issues.

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I read that it is available in the nightly build so it’s just a matter of time that it will be pushed to the stable builds…

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As you can read above, the guy was banned but uphold never provide a proper reason for it… That is just one of the things in uphold that I read here and in reddit… Well I do have no problems in uphold to date… But I was worried that I will not be able to reconnect in the future if my current integration is severed… Because just like you, I’m on a similar region as well that uphold stop operating…