Uphold is denying an account opening


I have been denied an account in Uphold. Is there any other possibility to receive BAT rewards? I am from Poland, although currently flying a lot to US and I used US phone number to register. I believe that is the reason for denial and as they say the decision is final :wink:

Thanks in advance.

@Szewcon I don’t think phone number would be anything they’d worry about much. Big thing they would go by is your passport and other documents.

I’m supposing that based on your location or the information you provided to them, they determined a risk. Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you.

And no, there’s currently no other way for you to receive BAT. Nobody can connect any new profiles to Gemini at this time. Plus even when it was available, it was for UK, Canada, and USA only. So Poland wouldn’t have been supported anyway.

It seems like you’ll have to wait for when/if there are alternatives that become available. I know they are working on things like on chain BAT payments, but no idea when or if that will ever arrive.

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Well, they denied it without checking the ID/passport -that’s the problem. Important thing that I forgot - I used an alias. It seems like protecting your privacy is very suspicious :wink: The best thing is that I had to reply from my real email address, and now, for 5 years, I will receive legal updates as they represent essential account communication (account ehich was denied). That’s the exact reason why I decided to use aliases at first place. I will wait for other options then. I hope I will be gathering BAT rewards without uphold account. Thanks for your swift reply.

Indeed it is, as they are required by the government to verify your real identity. Not only for tax purposes but also under the guise of preventing the funding of terrorism and criminal enterprises.

This isn’t by choice of Uphold or other places. It’s just how governments around the world are operating.

No, you won’t. You must be connected to a custodial account like Uphold in order to earn BAT. If you aren’t connected, you won’t earn anything for yourself. This was announced early this year, which you can see at https://brave.com/rewards-changes/

You can earn BAT, but it would be given to Creators chosen by Brave. You would have no control over it and you won’t see reports of how much earned or given. This is what is referred to as Creator support only mode.

If you don’t wish to see ads, you can disable those in your settings.


If you have any vBAT in your browser, which is BAT earned while not being connected to a custodial partner, such as Uphold, you need to “use it or lose it” basically. By use it, I mean tip someone. It will be going away next month.

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