Uphold is counting same devices as a new one when doing a clean install

My windows 10 was version 1909 and now it was forcing me to upgrade to latest version so I can recieve security updates.

After making a clean install and installing Brave, I logged in my uphold account and suddenly its said something like “youve reached maximum devices limit” but its the same devices as before!

So next time I do a clean install it wont let me log in same my uphold account? Is there a solution to this or should I just wait for the Brave roadmap 2?

Sounds like brave is creating a unique ID on the system or using something like volume serial rather then a hardware id, Brave should consider generating the unique id using hardware unique identifiers if we’re stuck with 4 IDs for life, reinstalling or formatting shouldn’t eat a slot in uphold or give a backup wallet solution if not this is gonna manifest quickly

I have not tested a new device yet but on my android, I will soon have over 25 BATs but the question is if I will be able to sync it with uphold.

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