Uphold is a POS!

After having a great deal of technical difficulty registering properly with Uphold and believing I had failed because of communication error msgs I received, I discovered that my application was being reviewed. I just got 2 separate msgs fr Uphold, one saying my account was suspended and the other saying it was closed. Which is it?

The msg saying it was suspended suggested I contact Support to find out how to address the issue, which I did.

I’m assuming that Brave staff understand how useless this system is which they created since it appears completely arbitrary how Uphold works. There seems to be no transparency whatsoever in how it makes decisions.

I understand that Uphold is separate from Brave and that the latter has no control over decisions made by Uphold. But why partner with Uphold if this mess is the result?


yes, i hope too.
Brave has a direct support team.
who can respond to user problems directly.

Unfortunately, Brave has no control over decisions Uphold makes since they’re independent of each other. What I don’t understand is why Brave doesn’t offer an alternative to Uphold for situations like this one.

Yes, Uphold is no bueno to get started… I had a problem with their face id thing, bcawz: If i remember correctly, I took a REEEEAAAAALLLLy bad pic of myself, and I (ever the curious one) put on sunglasses, and a goofy hat (wait, was this Uphold, or some other KYC? I dont remember now…) but, then, after waaaaaiiiiittting for (approx) FOREVARRRR, they (TADA!) approved me.

Loads of hoops to jump through… even before you start jumping through hoops…

Really looking forward to new releases (ESP ON MOBILE!) being able to manage our own keys. Till then…

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