Uphold integration not working properly

I have my wallet verified since the 31st of March, and inside the browser it shows that I have 66BAT.

For the last 2 payouts I received some small amounts in my uphold account, about 2 BAT each time.
Both times the amount of BAT I have in the browser did not change.

I’m not sure what’s going on… in my browser the wallet has the “verified” status.

Some more info maybe worth noting:

  • after the 1st payout that I saw only 2BAT in my uphold account, I disconnected/reconnected my brave browser to my uphold account, but this did not change anything for the second payout.
  • I have several browser profiles, and the 66BAT are not on the 1st / default profile that the browser came with.
  • It’s an old wallet that has been through a “backup/restore” process once. I still have the original recovery key from 2019. (this backup/restore process does not seem possible anymore on the latest versions - which I really don’t understand, but anyway)
  • I don’t care about Uphold. I just want to be able to backup/restore my BAT.

Please help, I want to format my PC and this is blocking me because I would loose my 66BAT :frowning:


That’s very interesting.
Regardless, is there a way to somehow backup or withdraw my BAT from Brave? :frowning:

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I ended up using Gemini wallet as a creator. You loose some coins in the process of tipping yourself, but I could get everything out.

I really don’t understand why the manual backup/restore of the in-browser wallet was removed :-1:

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