Uphold, how to identify which device is connected to my account. So I know which device to send my iOS BAT to

Hi all,

I have a quick simple question.

I have multiple devices and I know there’s a limit of 3 on Uphold. I know I’m receiving BAT from X devices.

How do I know which Browser (Device) is connected to my Uphold account and receiving BAT?

I have tried Uphold > Settings > Applications > Authorised Applications but no clear way to find a unique identifier.

I’m asking this as I’d like to transfer my 100+ BAT I’ve earned on iOS to my Desktop browser but would like to make sure I send it to the correct device so I receive my BAT.

I know it would be simple if I could check each device see X earned and check Uphold but for months I’ve been receiving nowhere near the amount of BAT I’ve earned (far less).


Does anyone know perhaps? Seems a simple question to have for perhaps many of us using Brave on iOS? I don’t want to send BAT to the wrong device and then stuck not being able to use it.

you never know which device connected your uphold account

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It’s frustrating as I know I’m getting paid from 2 devices but I see no change in their wallet amount due to me not receiving correct amounts each month. So no idea which account to send my 100+ to. It’s quite a lot of BAT I’ve saved over the last year on iOS.

Is there anyone else that may know any tips or more info?

If you log into Uphold on the web (rather than on an app on your phone) you get the option to switch to Classic View under the ‘More’ button on the left hand side. Once in classic view you can see a number of what Uphold calls ‘cards’. Each connected browser instance has its own card in uphold. The balance on each card is the same as the balance on the connected browser instance and is updated live. If you have different amounts on different cards you can work out which one to send it to from that.

However, a lot of people are reporting issues with the IoS to desktop transfer. I have seen a recommendation from one of the Brave team in a post here on the community to wait until they have sorted out what is going on before attempting the transfer.

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Thanks klompje :slight_smile:

I did try this method and I can see different amounts as you stated as well with the current ‘bug’. I opted to send the BAT to my desktop device and it is showing in browser but unfortunately not uphold.

Hoping some time soon I can somehow send it on or change in uphold. Collected those ever since BAT was available on Brave iOS. :frowning:

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Glad to be of help. I don’t use any apple stuff myself so I’m afraid I cannot help you with that side of things.

Wanting to point out that the limit on devices connected to the same Uphold account is four at this time, not three as you initially indicated

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