Uphold hike BAT network charges 4 times

Two months before it was only 1 BAT and the last month it was 5 BAT. Now uphold is charging 20 BAT has network charges without any notification about this changes in the network fee.

As a user i it’s disappointment about this hike without any clarification.

Do the Brave team can respond why this hike or any other network than Uphold we can use to withdraw the BAT token…

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Not only Uphold even other exchanges will charge higher network fees for BAT or any coin that comes under Ethereum Blockchain.

For more info :-

However If you have more than 100 BATs then it will not charge any network fees. OR Simple workaround for this issue is Exchange BAT into XRP as of XRP has low network fees then transfer those XRP to external wallet.


Thanks for the solution

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