Uphold has rejected my verification for no reason, I can't collect Brave Rewards

For no reason, Uphold has rejected my verification, I can’t collect Brave Rewards, I wrote to uphold and they don’t want to explain why, or give me any chance to resolve anything if need be. In my country Gemini does not work, what can I do?

Uphold and Brave are separate entities. If uphold has rejected your verification, there is nothing Brave can do. You can try the uphold verification process again, making sure all of the info is correct, but that’s about it.

Unfortunately there’s nothing Brave can do to help you with this. They are two different companies.

That’s not true. You would still be able to earn Brave Rewards, you just wouldn’t be able to convert it to cash or send it anywhere directly. You could tip people though, should you decide to support your favorite content creators.

Not sure what country you’re in, but might it be that Uphold is not supported in your country either?

Keep viewing ads to earn BAT and hope that they add another way to convert it to cash in the future. Otherwise as I said earlier, you can tip content creators. Lastly, you could always use Brave for the browser itself and just disable Brave Ads if you don’t want to see them. You won’t earn BAT if you turn off the ads but I’m not sure how big of a deal that would be to you if you wouldn’t be able to have a verified wallet at this time.

I know I’m earning BAT, but like you said, I can’t convert it to cash. For me it is good to have extra money, as for everyone. Uphold sucks, really, I’m from Bolivia in South America. I already looked for an answer and they simply say we will not give you service. Yes they work in my country, the problem is with me; I have no problems with other exchanges. The ideal would be to ask Brave to enable another way to collect those BAT, where they can be written to? Thanks.

Ask Brave to enable another way to change those BAT in to cash, the thing is where can I contact them…

Many people have asked for the same feature. But, here is the link to features where you can request it. https://community.brave.com/c/brave-feature-requests/57

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