Uphold devices for Brave Rewards

Hi, how can I know how many devices have I got linked in Uphold with Brave Rewards? And what kind of devices are? Like a cellphone or a computer

Umm. I guess you’ll have to check manually on each device. WHen you open Brave, click on the triangle rewards button on the search bar. You should see verified or unverified there. If its verified with Uphold then you will see Uphold’s symbol there. Same for Gemini

@rodrige @Aman_M can you guys confirm. Thanks!

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The problem is that I have two Uphold accounts and sometimes I forget what device is related with what account

Umm well to do that, you should try matching the rewards statements and BATs received on your uphold account.

@ivox24 On your devices, go to brave://rewards-internals and it will show you a lot of information. One of the bits you’ll look at is where it says Custodial Account Info

You’ll see Custodian member ID: followed by a long number.

Then go log in to Uphold and go to your profile. It will show you your Uphold ID.

The Custodiam Member ID and Uphold ID are the same thing. So you’ll be able to match it that way to know which is which…as long as it’s still connected.


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