Uphold delinquency fees / reimbursement

Hi Publishers!

As a follow-up to the email which went out today, we wanted to create a space to help answer any questions you may have related to the delinquency fees and any reimbursement which may happen.

I’ll be updating this post with common questions and answers as they come in.



Well at least these people are getting their money. Been a publisher over 4 months and no payments yet.

I initially didn’t see the email because it went to the Junk Folder. However, now that I’ve seen it I realize that this is a different subject than what I thought it was gonna be about going off the title.

@drewdrew - looping in @asad for assistance, thanks!


Drew we really appreciate your patience in this matter. Have you checked your dashboard lately? We added a new payout date notification that’ll let you know when the next payout is happening. You should get paid out on June 8th by the latest (if not, PM me directly, please).

Also, we’re switching to an automated payout schedule this month (previously they were all manually triggered by our team, and with all the major work we’ve been doing on the system things had to be pushed around a lot!)

I’ll check it out. Thanks for your help! And I look forward to seeing BAT gain traction.

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